The young Samsung RHP allows hard contact, base runners, and HRs, but the results are hard to argue with

MLB has returned here in the United States, but in the KBO, baseball continues and the playoff picture is beginning to take shape as teams have crossed the midway point of the season. As such, we’re getting a good sample to start evaluating players for their talent, rather than looking…

A “lively” mix of pitches kept the Tigers from hitting the ball hard, but the bullpen let Samsung down

Major League Baseball resumed play the last two days, but in Korea, the KBO keeps on playing. Teams are beginning to approach 70 games played and playoff races are starting to shape up. On Saturday, the 6th-place Samsung Lions faced off against the 3rd-place KIA Tigers.


Ben Lively started his…

Ben Howell

Sophomore studying Sport Management and Economics at the University of Texas. Writing about Baseball from an analytical and scouting perspective

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